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What The Biggest, Fattest Hamptons Whales Bought Last Year

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Welcome to Curbed's first inaugural Whale Week, a five-day tribute to all the "whales"—the high rollers and big spenders, to use popular Vegas slang—across the Curbed Universe.

Although out here in the Hamptons, every week is Whale Week, we wouldn't want to miss out on the thematic fun the other Curbed locals are having. So here now is an illustrated guide to where the biggest bucks were spent last year on the East End.

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Ellen Chesler & Matthew Mallow to Lloyd Blankfein


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322 Meadow Lane LLC to Alejandro Santo Domingo Davila


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Arrakis LLC to 174 Further Lane LLC


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Pamela Schein Trust to 43 Surfside LLC


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Chandler Consulting Inc to 30 Lee Associates LLC


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Salvatore A Ranieri to PGR Family Realty LLC


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Judith Della Femina to Nala LLC


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John & Robin Pickett to 171 Great Plains LLC


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