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Further Lane

Further Lane home in East Hampton down more than $10M since coming on the market

Once a part of the Maidstone Club, this 6,500-square-foot estate was built in 1907 but has been updated and modernized after a ground-up renovation.

Further Lane home in East Hampton cuts more than $7M in just one month

It got its first price change since coming on the market over two years ago earlier this month.

Further Lane home cuts another $10M off asking price, down $20M in total

Now, just two months later, another $10 million has come off the price tag—bringing it down $20 million since June.

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Another home on Further Lane drops in price, now tied for the least expensive at $7.9M

Less than a year ago, in September of 2016, the home came on the market for $10.95 million. The price dropped down to $9.95 million in March, and then two months later to $8.85 million.

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The least expensive home for sale on Further Lane just dropped in price to $7.9M

When the home was listed in 2016, it had a $9.25 million price tag. After four months up for sale, the price dropped down to $8.75 million. And most recently, almost $1 million was shaved off, bringing it below the $8 million mark.

Least expensive home for sale on Further Lane hasn’t changed price in nine months

The home that is currently the least expensive home for sale on Further Lane is located at the 386 address. The asking price is $8.75 million. For reference, the most expensive home for sale on Further Lane is asking $59 million.

Further Lane home gets $4M price cut nine months after coming on the market

The home just went down in price by $4 million—nine months after originally going up for sale—and is now available for $65 million.

Estate previously part of the Maidstone Club for sale in East Hampton

Owning this historical East Hampton property will cost $26.5M.

The estate that was the biggest foreclosure in the Hamptons is now for sale on Further Lane

The estate was sold at an auction in 2015 for $12M. The current $14M price tag is considered quite the bargain.

A Norman Jaffe on Further Lane is yours for $17.9M

This handsome design, by iconic Hamptons architect Norman Jaffe, offers 6000 square feet of space. But this is one for architecture buffs only, we think.

An oceanfront six-acre Further Lane property for $69M

Fabled Further Lane: here’s a notable property on the ocean. Six acres of land and an enormous gambrel home by Francis Fleetwood.

Elegant and chic on Further Lane for $10.95M

This five bedroom has been done in a very traditional style, but there are still interesting bits to enjoy.

Billionaire Must Squeeze Into 24,000 Square Feet

The old house was about 10,000 square feet. The new place will be a piddling 24,100 square feet, including the lower level.