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Open thread: Which Hamptons property do you think is the most iconic?

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Photos courtesy of Corcoran and Jeffrey Collé

The Hamptons is known for its oceanfront mansions, whale ship captain cottages, and for being a hub of celebrity summer houses. But we want to ask our readers: With so many notable properties to choose from, which would you say is the most iconic?

From the 42-acre Henry Ford estate in Southampton that boasts over 1,000 linear feet of ocean frontage, to the Pond House in East Hampton that Beyoncé and Jay-Z purchased last year, to the famed Grey Gardens estate, there are plenty of incredible and newsworthy properties that come to mind.

Tell us in the comments which one you think is the most iconic.

The Hamptons

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Grey Gardens

3 West End Road, , NY 11937 Visit Website

East Hampton

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