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Sagaponack pondfront compound on 10 acres lists for $35M

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Would you pay that amount of money for 10 acres of land south of the highway?

Photos courtesy of Corcoran

A $35 million compound in south-of-the-highway Bridgehampton has just come on the market under Corcoran Group Real Estate agents Michael Schultz and Susan Ryan. The massive 10-acre spread is comprised of two separate properties: 363 Sagaponack Road, which is waterfront on Sagg Pond, and 351 Sagaponack Road, which overlooks an adjacent nature reserve.

They’re also each available separately, with the waterfront parcel asking $20 million and the other property listed for $15 million.

While each property has a house on it, the listing advertises the compound as a land sale rather than a residential estate, and there are no interior photos of either home available. We’re thinking that probably means that each one is a teardown and the $35 million asking price is set for the land value.

The 363 address has a 6,000-square-foot home from 1850 with nine bedrooms and six bathrooms. Outside on the 4.9 acres of land, there’s a private dock, a heated gunite pool, a tennis court, a detached garage, and gardens.

Meanwhile, the shingled 2,850-square-foot ranch style home at 351 Sagaponack Road has four bedrooms, a heated gunite pool, and room for tennis on 5.27 acres.

According to the listing, there’s plenty of room to expand on both properties, and each lot can accommodate a 10,000-square-foot structure. Listing agent Michael Schultz told Curbed that new owners could also have a 5,000-square-foot finished lower level. The property has room for tennis, a pool, a pool house, and a detached garage.

Although the properties are on Sagaponack Road, they’re technically in Bridgehampton.

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