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Open thread: How would you describe the Hamptons in the off-season to an out-of-towner?

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Even though it isn’t the winter quite yet, the Hamptons has been in its off-season ever since Labor Day Weekend passed and the weather became slightly cooler. The villages aren’t nearly as busy, restaurants are already closed down until Memorial Day Weekend, and traffic isn’t as bad heading west on a Sunday afternoon.

Recently Curbed Boston asked their readers to comment on how they’d describe the city to out-of-towners, and we thought we’d ask our readers the same thing.

Of course, the Hamptons certainly has a reputation—but that reputation is mostly relevant to what the area becomes in the summer season. So we want to know: How would you describe the East End in the off-season to an out-of-towner who’s never been here?

Tell us in the comments.

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