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Open thread: Tell us about your winter rental experience in the Hamptons

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Tell us in the comments

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We’ve asked our readers before to tell us about their experience with summer rentals on the East End, but now we want to hear about your winter rental experience.

For those who may be new to the site or just aren’t familiar with Hamptons real estate, the term “winter rental” doesn’t necessarily mean the property is available for just the winter calendar season, but rather for the entire off-season from the week after Labor Day right up until the following Memorial Day Weekend. And renting during this 9-month time period is significantly less expensive than renting during the summer season.

There are some landlords who rent their property year-round, some who rent it out only in the winter so they can use it in the summer, and some who list it during the summer when they’ll make the most money off of it and use it during the off-season. Whatever your case may be as a landlord, tell us what the experience is like.

Or, as a tenant, tell us how finding a rental has been for you. Which sites do you search? Do you go through a broker? Do you find it relatively easy or has it been difficult to find what you’re looking for? What towns are you looking in and what qualities do you want in a property?

Tell us in the comments.