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Oceanfront Bridgehampton home from 1980 sells for almost $3M below ask

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What do you think will be built in its place?

Photos courtesy of Saunders

After coming on the market in May and having a contract signed in August, the oceanfront home at 79 Surfside Drive in Bridgehampton has sold for $18.8 million—which is nearly $3 million under the original $21.5 million asking price.

Represented by Terry Cohen from Saunders Real Estate, the listing claims that the 1.5-acre property “can accommodate a 10,000+ sq. ft. home with a waterside pool and expansive decking.” The existing 2,000-square-foot teardown was built back in 1980 and offers four bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, a heated pool, and a cabana bath outside.

What’s fascinating to us is just how quickly the property sold. It was only available for sale for about three months, and in contract for about one month. When we reached out to Cohen on the sale, she declined to give details regarding the buyer, but did tell Curbed that “there will be a lovely home built there with a great team.”

What do our readers think will be built in its place? A new spec house? A quaint beach house? Tell us in the comments.

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