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Open thread: What about the end of summer in the Hamptons are you looking forward to?

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Unfortunately, summer had to come to an end at some point. And now that Labor Day Weekend is upon us, we have to say goodbye to the Hamptons’s summer season.

While there are lots of things to be sad about with the end of summer (the weather is getting cooler, winter is getting nearer and nearer, lots of great restaurants will close down for the season, et cetera), there are some good things that we can look forward to with the start of fall.

For example, even though there aren’t as many great restaurants open, everything gets a lot quieter. Traffic will die down significantly. Main Street won’t be nearly as crowded on a Saturday. Parking will actually be available.

So tell us: What is it about the end of summer and the start of fall that you’re most looking forward to in the Hamptons? Tell us in the comments.

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