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Open thread: Where are the best places to surf in the Hamptons?

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The Hamptons may be the weekend vacation spot for the rich and the famous, but at its core it’s an amalgamation of beach towns. And because of the location, there’s a unique surf culture on the East End of Long Island.

So we’re reaching out to our readers to ask: Where’s the best place to surf in the Hamptons? Montauk’s Ditch Plains Beach is widely regarded as the most popular surfing destination on the South Fork, but is it the best place to go?

If you surf, do you have a favorite spot further west? Do you ever leave the Hamptons to surf elsewhere? Tell us in the comments.

Ditch Plains Beach

18 Ditch Plains Road, , NY 11954 Visit Website

The Hamptons

, , NY


, , NY 11954