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Georgica Pond-front property in East Hampton cuts $3.6M from price tag

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The property once belonged to Courtney Sale Ross, and then David Geffen

Photos courtesy of Bespoke

The Georgica Pond-front property at 26 West End Road in East Hampton—an empty 1.64-acre lot—has just received its first price cut since coming on the market in 2016, at which time it was listed for $23.5 million. Now, the south-of-the-highway waterfront land is seeking $19.9 million under Bespoke Real Estate agent, Zach and Cody Vichinsky.

The property was once part of the Cody House compound—a 5.5-acre waterfront property with four subdividable lots on Georgica Pond. Businessman David Geffen purchased the compound back in 2014 for $52 million from Courtney Sale Ross.

Geffen quickly put the compound back on the market, and in 2016, developers purchased the property for about $50 million. According to Property Shark records, the 26 West End Road address closed for $18 million in June of 2016 as part of that deal.

The compound was then subdivided and 26 West End Road was listed for $23.5 million.

According to the Bespoke listing, the property is “capable of yielding a 7,194 SF+/- principal dwelling plus a finished lower level,” as well as “a custom pool, dock, and a 1,314 SF+/- pool house of accessory structure.”

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