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Open thread: When is the best time of year to lock in a Hamptons summer rental?

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As Labor Day approaches and summer draws to an unfortunate close, we find that there are still plenty of short-term rentals available for the long holiday weekend.

People are still looking for rentals at the last minute, and we couldn’t help but wonder what our readers had to say about their thoughts on when the best time is to lock in a Hamptons rental, whether it’s for the entire length of the summer season or just short-term.

Most people agree that Presidents Day Weekend is the time of year when people really start to consider their rental possibilities and begin shopping around for homes to stay in for the summer, but plenty of prospective tenants show interest in potential homes starting around the start of the New Year.

And of course, there are always those who will wait until closer to the summer to get their seasonal home in order.

What do you think the best time is to lock in a Hamptons rental? Leave your thoughts in the comments.