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Study shows Southampton is New York State’s most expensive summer destination

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But the study only examined 20 destinations in New York State

A report by Travel Agent Central shows that Southampton is the most expensive summer destination in New York State, which had “the most expensive least expensive room at $334 per night.”

Other nearby Long Island towns to make the list included Greenport (No. 2), Shelter Island (No. 3), and Montauk (No. 5).

The report claims:

The survey considered 20 destinations in New York State. For each destination, the average price for the cheapest available double room was established for the time period spanning August 1–31, 2018. Only centrally located hotels rated at least 3 stars were considered. Rates were established in late July based on research conducted on the hotel comparison website Kayak.

Since the study only examined 20 destinations, it looks like other Hamptons towns such as East Hampton and Westhampton weren’t considered—but one night at the East Hampton House Resort is listed for $306 on Kayak, and the Mill House Inn is asking $995 per night, so we’re thinking it probably would have made the list.

What’s the most (or least) that you’ve spent on a hotel room in the Hamptons? Let us know in the comments.

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