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Open thread: What’s the best day of the week to travel out to the Hamptons?

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When you think of summer in the Hamptons, you think of days spent at the beach, strolling Main Street, sidewalk brunches, and lots of greenery. Unfortunately, those dreamy thoughts are (almost) ruined when you remember how long it takes to sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic just to get out here.

There are many ways to get to and from the Hamptons: You could drive or be driven, you could hop on the Cannonball train that the LIRR offers during the summer for express service out to the East End, you could take the Jitney out for a reasonable price between $29 and $45, or you could even pay $795 for a one-way flight on a helicopter.

But we want to know from our readers: What day of the week is the best day to get to—and from—the Hamptons? Since the typical work week ends on Friday, that’s usually when everyone gets out here. And for that reason, Friday evening traffic heading east is usually pretty heavy. Similarly, Sunday evening traffic heading west can be just as bad.

Is there a certain day and time that our readers find the best to come out? What about leaving the Hamptons? Tell us in the comments.

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