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Own a Westhampton Beach oceanfront fixer-upper for $2.125M

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The downside? The house isn’t the most private

Photos courtesy of Saunders

For some, the Hamptons is about just one thing: the ocean. If you’re more concerned with being beachside than you are being on the biggest lot on the East End, then this Westhampton Beach fixer-upper could be the perfect option with an asking price of $2,215,000.

Yes, the house definitely needs some work. Built in 1997, it’s a bit dated and could seriously benefit from a total refresh, both inside and out. It stands a decent 1,420 square feet in size with three bedrooms and two bathrooms—so while it’s not the biggest, it’s suitable for a small family or as a vacation home.

Other than the fact that the new owners will need to do some work to bring the interiors up to date, there are a few more downsides. It’s on a small 0.32-acre lot which doesn’t allow for much expansion or the addition of a massive pool, and the owners are going to be packed pretty tightly next to their neighbors.

But if you’re not that concerned with having the utmost privacy and you’re really just out here to be at the beach and spend time with family (and even neighbors!), then this house could be a good option.

Features include an open floorplan, a chef’s kitchen, a fireplace in the living room, bay and ocean views, a wraparound deck, and a hot tub.

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