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Open thread: How do you get around the Hamptons after a night out?

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Do you get someone to be the designated driver or do you and your friends split an Uber?

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Hamptons nightlife is really only even “a thing” between Memorial Day and Labor Day, but the problem with living—or staying the weekend—in a seasonal location is that there aren’t many public transportation options available for when you need to get home after a night out.

Not only that, but nightlife locations are physically spread out on the East End of Long Island, unlike in major cities and metro areas where you can probably grab an Uber from your apartment to another neighborhood nightclub and not worry about the distance between the two. But the cost of cab can get steep, quick—even when you’re only getting from East Hampton to Montauk.

So we want to hear from our readers: How do you get back home after a night out in the Hamptons? Do you coordinate someone to drive? Do you hire a driver for the night? Do you take the train? Do you and your friends split a cab? Take an Uber? Lyft? Tell us in the comments.