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Tesla wants to put charging stations at Montauk’s Kirk Park Beach parking lot

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Southampton’s Cafe Crust got eight charging stations two years ago

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Last week, representatives from electric car company, Tesla, pitched putting eight charging stations at Kirk Park Beach’s public parking lot in Montauk, reports 27east.

Just two years ago, Tesla put eight charging stations in the Cafe Crust parking lot in Southampton, but according to the original report, Councilwoman Sylvia Overby claimed that the proposed Montauk plans look more like advertising for Tesla than a typical charging station.

The stations would be able to charge Tesla’s Model S and Model X cars in approximately 90 minutes.

Tesla would cover the costs of installing the eight charging stations at Kirk Park Beach, which would take between three and six weeks to complete, and cost a total of about $500,000. Though about 15 different sites were considered after pitching the idea to director of environmental protection, Kim Shaw, the Tesla representatives landed on the public parking lot.

Kirk Park Beach has free, public parking and restrooms available for use.

At the town meeting, the issue was brought up that it would be hard to take away eight parking spaces to replace them with charging stations—especially when parking on the East End is already sparse during the summer season.

Aside from the Southampton location, superchargers can be found in Islandia, Plainview, Syosset, or Brooklyn.

We want to hear from our readers: Do you like the idea of the charging stations being at the public Kirk Park Beach parking lot? Where would you want to see charging stations be installed in Montauk, if at all? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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