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Open thread: How would you describe the interior design style in the Hamptons?

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At Curbed, we’re interested in all things relating to the home. We’re fascinated by what makes a place unique and how the styles of different locations and cities differ, even when geographically speaking they may not be that far apart.

Interior design is clearly an important aspect to real estate: Most of the the houses on the Hamptons market are staged before listing, not only to help show scale, but also in order to show potential homeowners what the house could look like. In particular, properties on the high end of the market will thoughtfully decorate a home’s interiors, which could greatly impact the way the house does or does not sell.

So we want to hear from our readers: How would you define the Hamptons interior design style? How has interior design changed in the Hamptons? Which style do you find most appealing?

For us, the coastal element is important. Many houses on the East End serve as retreats from the everyday lives of those who own them, but nearly everyone out here—locals and weekend visitors alike—seems to enjoy capitalizing on the beachy motif.

Tell us what you think in the comments.

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