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A waterfront teardown in Bridgehampton seek $9.95M

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Sited on Mecox Bay, the property is just a 0.1-mile walk to the ocean

Photos courtesy of Saunders

This bayfront beach house in Bridgehampton is looking for a new owner—or, looking for someone to tear it down to make room for a larger Hamptons getaway.

Originally built in 1959, the current house stands just 1,300 square feet in size. The listing claims that there are approvals pending from the Town of Southampton for a 6,000 square-foot structure plus a waterside pool to take the place of the four-bedroom, two-bath house.

While we’d hate to see a midcentury home be totally demolished, there’s also no way that the current raised structure has a finished lower level—a feature that many Hamptons homeowners look for in their East End real estate.

If new owners choose to keep the existing house, they’ll have a fun project on their hands. Interiors include an open floorplan, floor-to-ceiling glass walls with views of the surrounding landscape, hardwood floors throughout, and a small but functional kitchen.

Sited on a flag lot at 474 Jobs Lane in Bridgehampton, the property isn’t only directly on Mecox Bay, but it’s also just a short walk from the ocean at Mecox Beach. According to Google Maps, it would take just three minutes to walk the short 0.1-mile distance.

Listed under Saunders Real Estate agent Christoper Covert, the 1.3-acre property is asking $9.95 million. What do our readers think of the price? Tell us in the comments.

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