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A whimsical 19th century waterfront home in Greenport just sold for $975K

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We love the unique character and circular rooms in this 1890 Greenport home

Photos courtesy of Corcoran

Here at Curbed, we love when a home is unique and has lots of character—even when it’s not in the Hamptons. This waterfront Greenport home at from 1890 with some seriously whimsical taste just sold for $975,000.

The property came on the market for $1,199,000 earlier this year in March under Corcoran Group’s listing agent, Susan Sutton. According to its Zillow price history, the property was listed for sale last August for a steeper $1.5 million before getting a few price cuts and eventually coming off the market before re-listing.

Standing 1,900 square feet, there are three bedrooms and two bathrooms inside the 19th century home on 0.37 acres of waterfront land. There’s no denying that the interiors need some work, but it already has hardwood floors and a unique brick fireplace in the living room, plus a waterview sunroom—and those are great features to start with. We also just adore the circular bedrooms and dining room.

With some updates and renovations, the home could maintain its historic integrity while being brought into the 21st century.

The property features 100 feet of water frontage overlooking Piper’s Cove and the Shelter Island Sound. There’s no pool on the property, but there is a two-car garage.

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