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Study ranks Hampton Bays as one of the best ocean beach towns to live in

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It was ranked No. 160 out of 161 ocean beach towns, but it’s the only Hamptons hamlet to make the cut

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WalletHub ranked Hampton Bays on its list of the best ocean beach towns to live in, which was determined by several factors. The study took six dimensions into consideration: affordability, weather, safety, economy, education and health, and quality of life.

Unfortunately, the west-of-the-canal town is near the very bottom of the list, but it’s actually the only Hamptons town that made the cut. It was ranked No. 160 out of 161 ocean beach towns across the United States.

Other Long Island towns on the list include Port Washington, Great Neck, Glen Cove, Wantagh, Massapequa, Long Beach, Babylon, Stony Brook, Patchogue, Mount Sinai, and Shirley.

While many hometown-proud readers may be upset that East End towns like Southampton and East Hampton didn’t make the cut, we’re thinking that the affordability factor played the biggest role in cutting out the other Hamptons towns from WalletHub’s findings.

The study also only examined towns with populations between 10,000 and 150,000, so Hampton Bays only just made it inside those parameters with a population of around 13,000. With less than 5,000 year-round residents, Montauk wouldn’t have even been considered even though the population skyrockets in the summer months.

Taking those six factors into consideration, which Hamptons town do you think is the best one to live in? Tell us in the comments.


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