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Contract quickly signed on a ’60s Leisurama in Montauk

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It came on the market at the end of last month

Photos courtesy of Halstead

At the end of May, a 1960s Leisurama in the Culloden Shores beach community of Montauk came on the market for $799,000 under Halstead Property agents, Tim Burch and William Kuneth. Just days after listing, an offer was made on the 1,066-square-foot prefab and the house went into contract on June 9.

Leisuramas were sold at Macy’s and, in one advertisement, was referred to as “the greatest advance in housing since the invention of bricks”. This is the first time that the home has been on the market since the owner purchased it back in the ’60s.

The mid-century time capsule has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a den with the original Murphy bed, a brick fireplace in the living room, and what looks like the original kitchen.

Outside, the 0.17-acre property has a 50-year-old cherry tree.

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