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Study shows that a typical day at East Hampton’s Main Beach would cost nearly $75

The 2018 Beach Price Index ranks East Hampton’s Main Beach as the 7th most expensive beach in the world

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The 2018 Beach Price Index by TravelBird ranked over 300 beaches across more than 90 countries to provide information on what a typical day at each beach would cost for travelers. For the index’s third year, East Hampton’s Main Beach was ranked No. 7 on the list—making it one of the most expensive beaches to visit in the world.

TravelBird’s score is based on what the average cost of sunscreen, water, beer, ice cream, lunch, and facility fees (like parking) would amount to. According to the index, a typical day at East Hampton’s Main Beach would cost a whopping $74.07.

Main Beach’s facility fees are listed as an average $24.27 on the index, but they range depending on parking permits and residency.

A daily parking pass costs $30 on weekdays, but only a limited number of 60 daily parking permits are available on weekends and holidays. Though residents of the village get free parking permits to any East Hampton village beach, non-village residents have to pay $400 per vehicle for a season beach pass.

Main Beach is No. 7 on the list, but No. 3 of those in the United States, close behind Waikiki Beach in Hawai’i and Florida’s South Beach, which both cost around the same. New Caledonia’s beach, Anse Vata, was ranked the most expensive, with a typical day costing $91.50 in U.S. dollars. Ranked No. 327, the least expensive on the list is Vietnam’s Cua Dai Beach, with an average daily total of $15.65.

The United States had 19 beaches make the list, but Main Beach was the only one in the Hamptons.

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