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Open thread: What are you most looking forward to about summer in the Hamptons?

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Memorial Day Weekend officially kicked off the start of the Hamptons’s summer season: Bars and restaurants are open, traffic is getting worse, and beach-goers have returned to the beaches. But we want to reach out and ask: What is it that you’re looking forward to the most about this upcoming summer on the East End?

We already learned that Moby’s is returning to East Hampton and Southampton Town is working to ease the morning traffic, which are definitely some things that we have to look forward to. But what else is happening this summer that has you excited?

Is there an event that you’ve had marked on your calendar for ages and can’t wait to attend? Did you just renovate your beach house and you’re dying to get in there and enjoy it? Or are you simply just excited to get to the beach, enjoy the nice weather, and have some time to relax?

We love getting a conversation going among our readers, so as always, leave your thoughts in the comments.

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