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Rent the eco-friendly ‘Cocoon’ in Southampton this July for $25K

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The home is LEED certified and has a passive heating and cooling system

Photos courtesy of Sotheby’s

We all want to help the environment, right? This summer, an eco-friendly home known as “The Cocoon” could be your green-living rental. In 2,000 square feet of living space, there are three bedrooms and two full bathrooms, built in a curved design on nearly 4 acres of land on First Neck Lane in south-of-the-highway Southampton.

The Sotheby’s listing claims that the home is LEED certified and incorporates “translucent photo voltaic panels for skylights, local building materials, as well as passive heating and cooling strategies.”

Unfortunately there aren’t very many interior photos available—in fact, the only ones on the listing seem to show the inside of the pool house. But since there’s a whole wall of windows, we can kind of peak inside the home, where we can just make out an accent wall and wood details.

The home isn’t available for the entire season, but tenants can live here either short-term for two weeks in July for $15,000, or for the whole month of July for $25,000. It’s represented by Molly Ferrer of Sotheby’s International Realty.

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First Neck Lane

First Neck Lane, , NY 11968