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Own a unique Southampton village fixer-upper for $849K

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It may need a total gut, but the new owners could really make this space their own

Nest Seekers

Alright, hear us out for a second: This fixer-upper may not look like much right now, but the three-bedroom house has a lot of potential. Located at 97 Prospect Street, the property is in Southampton village and down the road from the train station. It about a mile north of village shops, and a half-mile from Southampton Social Club.

The home is currently asking $849,000.

Built in 1904, the home has just 1,656 square feet of living space, and inside there are three bedrooms but only one bathroom. So if this home gets renovated instead of torn down, we’re guessing the new owners will want to make a proper master suite and add another bathroom right away.

The home needs some serious work on the interiors. Between the wood paneling, the carpet, and the kitchen’s mismatched walls and ceilings, we think something close to a total gut is going to be in this home’s future. But that exposed brick could be a really cool feature in an updated home.

And while it may not be everyone’s style, we love the creativity that the last owners took on in what appears to be the dining room—with the fake vines on the chandelier and light green painted walls, we appreciate the DIY project. It’s clear that the last owners really loved this home and wanted to make it their own.

The downside is that the train tracks are pretty close to the 0.22-acre property and it’s sited right in between North Sea Road and North Main Street, so the new homeowners will probably hear the train and get the brunt of traffic coming from the nearby station.

In 2009, the property sold for $649,000. It is represented by Nest Seekers real estate agent, John Brady.

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