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Rent a tiny East Hampton village summer cottage with just 745 square feet for $28K

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We adore this tiny summer rental!

Photos courtesy of Brown Harris Stevens

Hamptonites could very well spend upwards of six digits on a South Fork rental house this summer for a massive, 12-bedroom mansion on the ocean—and if you have that kind of cash laying around, why not?

But for those who don’t want to maintain a ton of space (or don’t want to have to hire a full team to keep things tidy), and who just need something simple that doesn’t break the bank, there are plenty of available options on the East End.

This tiny 745-square-foot East Hampton village cottage is seeking $28,000 for the summer season from Memorial Day to Labor Day under Brown Harris Stevens agent Shannan North—and it’s been totally renovated for tenants. There are two bedrooms and one bathroom inside, so it’s perfect for small families or couples who are expecting the occasional guest.

Interiors include a new central air conditioning system and hardwood floors, white walls to maximize the natural light, built-ins for storage, and open shelving and stainless steel appliances in the kitchen.

Sited on just 0.09 acres, there isn’t a pool, nor is there too much exterior space to run around. But there is room for outdoor meals or small get-togethers.

As with many rental listings, the address unfortunately hasn’t been disclosed. But the listing says that it’s just a half-mile to the train station, so it’s close to village shops and restaurants.

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