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Open thread: What’s the best way to get around the Hamptons in the summer?

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Traffic has already been starting back up on the East End of Long Island as we get closer and closer to the summer season. And with the U.S. Open being held at Shinnecock Hills Golf Course this June, we’re only expecting traffic to get that much worse.

While most people tend to get around by car in the Hamptons, driving can be a pain when Montauk Highway is backed up to a standstill, and even worse when you reach the village and need to find parking.

Public transit options like the train and bus are available. But unfortunately, our bus system isn’t the best—while the S92 route conveniently spans the length of the Hamptons, the buses run rather infrequently compared to major cities and metro areas and often get stuck in traffic, making them run late.

Biking can be an ideal option for those who live close to their nearby village, but the Hamptons are very spread out. In the most extreme case, to get to the Montauk Lighthouse from Westhampton would mean driving 50 miles. But even getting from town to town can be require a decent drive, so bikers will often need another transit option—which is commonly driving or taking an Uber.

So we’re reaching out to readers to get your opinion: What’s the best way to get around the Hamptons in the summer? Furthermore, how do you avoid summer traffic? Let us know in the comments.