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Open Thread: What does your ideal day in the Hamptons look like?

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Summer is the Hamptons is unique and beautiful. We typically have a full season of mostly sunny days (even though last year was atypically rainy), there are boutique shops and restaurants that you can’t find anywhere else, and the beaches are some of the best in the world.

With summer upon us, it’s likely that locals and those who frequent the East End will get questions from visiting friends regarding which beaches to go to, what towns are the best to hang out in, and just in general what to do with their time on the South Fork. So we’re asking our readers to leave a comment with what their ideal day in the Hamptons looks like.

If I ever have friends that are visiting and they only have one day to spend in the Hamptons, I like to suggest getting up early to start the day with a drive out to Montauk—making some scenic stops along the way—to see the lighthouse or take a walk through Camp Hero’s nature trails. After that, I typically recommend hitting the beach for a good portion of the day, renting a stand-up paddle board or surf board from one of the local surf shops, and grabbing some lunch.

For the evening, I always tell friends to relax at Wölffer Estate for a wine tasting and cheese platter and watch the sunset over the vineyard.

But if we’re talking about my personal ideal day in the Hamptons, it mostly just consists of spending the entire day at the beach with a few friends and bringing along some food.

That’s a pretty simple day in the Hamptons, which for many is exactly what they’re escaping from the city to achieve. But what does your ideal day look like? What do you suggest to your visiting friends?

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