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Spend your summer in these two East Hampton cottages for $64K

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There’s just 1,700 square feet between the two structures

Photos courtesy of Saunders

If one Hamptons cottage just isn’t enough space for you and your family this summer, this East Hampton compound with two adorable two-bedroom cottages could be the rental that you’ve been searching for. Sited on a half-acre of land just outside East Hampton village, you could be spending your summer here for $64,000 from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Each cottage is tiny—between the two of them, there’s just 1,700 square feet—but each one has two bedrooms and one bathroom. So the compound would be a great option for those who may not necessarily require a whole lot of square footage, but enjoy the simultaneous proximity and separation that the two-cottage set-up allows.

The main house has been renovated and features reclaimed barn boards, a new kitchen with stainless steel appliances, and an outdoor shower. The other cottage has also been renovated and hosts open living spaces. The property has one pool that the homes share.

If you aren’t planning on sticking around East Hampton for the whole summer, the compound is also available from July to Labor Day for $45,500, and from August to Labor Day for $28,500 under Saunders Real Estate agent, Chris Coleman.

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