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Open thread: What are your thoughts on the proposed East Hampton village special events law?

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A proposed special events law would require any East Hampton village resident to apply for—and be issued—a permit if they intend on hosting an outdoor party with 50 or more people, including staff, reports Bloomberg. Applicants would need to apply for the permit at least 21 days in advance.

The board of trustees will vote for the proposed law today, though it wouldn’t take effect until after the summer, on October 1.

Similar laws already exist, but this new law would require applicants to give the village more details on the anticipated event. Officials claim that the purpose of the law would be to maintain the village as a residential community.

But 50 people isn’t at all difficult to reach, especially if you’re having a party catered and require wait staff. And with the consequences starting at $500 for fines, homeowners could easily get a hefty bill if an event has some unexpected or last-minute guests.

So, we’re reaching out to our readers: What do you think of the proposed special events law? Sound off in the comments.

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