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Own a historic Sagaponack house from 1775 for $11.95M

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Deacon David Hedges’s house has been in the Hedges family for over 200 years

Photos courtesy of Douglas Elliman

If you thought the south-of-the-highway residential strip in Sagaponack known as Hedges Lane was named such as a nod to its housing (we might have guessed something along those lines), guess again. It was actually named after Deacon David Hedges, whose Hamptons farmhouse is now available for sale for $11.95 million.

Standing 4,256 square feet in size, the pre-Revolutionary home was built all the way back in 1775 and it still belongs to Hedges’s ancestors, which means that it has stayed in the same family for 243 years. The registered owner of the property is even Deacon David Hedges, LLC.

Last year, the 3.2-acre property was included in the Inventory of Selected Historic Structures Outside the National Register Historic District.

The listing suggests renovating the eight-bedroom, four-bath historic house and adding a second structure on the back side of the property with a pool and tennis court to make a complete, two-residence compound.

Located at 414 Hedges Lane, the property is about a mile away from the ocean at Gibson Beach.

Paul Brennan, Linda Haugevik, and Ronald White of Douglas Elliman Real Estate represent the historic property.

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