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Pay $60K per week and this Water Mill modern could be your summer rental

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That comes out to over $8,500 per day

Photos courtesy of Sotheby’s

Last week, we asked readers what their Hamptons rental budget is and just what would make them go over their limit. The question was aimed at the limit that people would pay for the entire summer, but after seeing this modern Water Mill estate, we should have also probably asked about limits for short-term rentals.

The Bates + Masi home will cost you a whopping $60,000 per week, which comes out to over $8,500 per day.

On over an acre of land, the 6,500-square-foot home has seven bedrooms, seven full bathrooms, and one half bathroom. The Sotheby’s listing describes it as “a series of open ended boxes and exudes the tranquility of an Aman resort.” There’s also a pool, pool house, exterior entertaining area, and a wood-burning pizza oven.

Located at 385 Jobs Lane, the south-of-the-highway home property is just a quarter-mile from the ocean at Mecox Beach. The listing is represented by Sotheby’s International Realty agents Eve Combemale and Jenny Landey.

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