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Open thread: What’s your Hamptons summer rental limit?

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If you were to go over your budget, what amenity would the house need to have?

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The Hamptons’s rental season is at its peak for the summer months, but tenants will start searching for—and locking in—their rental homes as early as December. And even though we’ve had a terribly long winter that doesn’t seem to want to go away, Memorial Day is right around the corner and the East End will soon become the go-to spot for the summer once again.

With rentals on everyone’s minds, we want to hear from our readers: What’s your limit for a summer rental house in the Hamptons? We know that the rentals can get pricey and sometimes even cost more than a house—but what’s the most that you’d be willing to spend for three months in your dream Hamptons home?

If you’re on the hunt for a summer rental, what are some must-have qualities? What would you be willing to spend a little more for?

If you’ve already found your rental, did you stay within your budget? If not, what was the amenity that justified the price?

Let us know in the comments.