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This Amagansett Dunes summer rental might be the best deal in the Hamptons

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Live a two-minute walk from the ocean for just $12K this summer

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Tucked away in the Amagansett Dunes is an oceanview contemporary beach house at 15 Shore Road—and it might just be the best deal for a summer rental in the Hamptons.

With 1,152 square feet, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms, the newly remodeled home is the perfect size for those who want to come out to the Hamptons this summer to relax with their loved ones rather than play host. Interiors feature hardwood floors, a fireplace in the living room, an open floor plan between the kitchen and living room, and an outdoor dining deck.

So, how much would it cost to rent this house for the summer from Memorial Day to Labor Day and be just a two-minute walk to the ocean? Under Douglas Elliman real estate agent, Martin Ligomer, the answer is just $12,000.

That’s right: It’ll only cost you $12,000 to rent a house right near the ocean for the entire summer in Amagansett. But it’ll cost you the same amount if you’re only going to be around for June, and it’ll actually cost more—$23,000—to rent the home from July to Labor Day.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many photos on the listing and we’re guessing that the photos available aren’t doing the home much justice.

15 Shore Road photos courtesy of Douglas Elliman

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