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Open thread: Where is the best place to rent in the Hamptons?

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And what makes that town or neighborhood the best option?

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With many renters searching for their perfect summer home, we thought it would be a good idea to reach out to the Curbed community to get everyone’s input on which location is the best for East End tenants. While each town and neighborhood has its own pros and cons, we want to hear from our readers: Which area beats out all the rest, and why?

Our 2017 Curbed Cup winner was Amagansett, a quiet beach town with a small village. But the runner-up was Southampton—one of the most popular East End towns with lots of ocean beaches, village shops and restaurants, and celebrity sightings.

According to data, East Hampton and Southampton are the most frequently searched Hamptons towns for those looking for rentals—but does that mean they’re the best options?

Tell us in the comments which Hamptons town is the best one to rent in and why. Is it the proximity to the ocean or bay beaches? Is it the vibrant summer nightlife? Or is it just the overall quality that the town has?

East Hampton

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