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This cozy 850-square-foot Springs cottage is just $25K to rent this summer

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The downside is that there’s exposed HVAC in the kitchen and dining room

Photos courtesy of Sotheby’s

Though this cottage is tiny, it could be a great option for those who want to come to the East End for the summer without breaking the bank. With just 850 square feet of living space, two bedrooms, and one full bathroom, this simple Springs rental is listed for $25,000 from Memorial Day to Labor Day under Sotheby’s International Realty agents Kelly Nelson and Tina Plesset.

Originally built in 1945, the cottage has received renovations, and it now features hardwood floors, white walls, window seats in the living room and dining room, beamed ceilings, and open storage in the kitchen.

The downside? In order to achieve higher ceilings, HVAC has been exposed in the kitchen and dining room. But many people would happily choose to see exposed structural details if it meant paying $25,000 to spend the summer in East Hampton.

Located at 21 Roosevelt Avenue, the quarter-acre property doesn’t have a pool, but it’s only two blocks from the waterfront at Three Mile Harbor and a close drive to Gardiner’s Bay beaches.

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