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Where are your favorite spots for water sports in the Hamptons?

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Whether your sport is surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, or jet skiing, tell us in the comments!

Surfers at Ditch Plains Beach in Montauk
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Even though we only just had a nor’easter storm earlier this week that brought us snow, sleet, rain, and a freezing wind chill, spring is technically here. With warmer weather coming our way any day now (we could be overly optimistic, but stick with us!), we’re getting ready for longer days, hotter temperatures, and consistent beach-going.

So we want to hear from our readers: Where are the best spots in the Hamptons for water sports? While surfing is best done in the ocean waters, other water sports like stand-up paddle boarding, water skiing, jet skiing, and kayaking are often best done in bays or ponds.

Swimming, fishing, scuba diving, and boating could be done in the ocean or the bay depending on your preference and level of expertise.

So where are some of your favorite places for water sports? If surfing is your go-to summer activity, leave your best beach in the comments. If you’re more into stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking, tell us the place you most prefer to go.

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