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Farrell is building a show home that will be open for two weeks this summer

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Farrell Building Company, Farrell Home, and Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams are collaborating

Photos courtesy of Farrell Building Co.

Farrell Building Company, interior lifestyle design firm Farrell Home, and luxury furnishing brand Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams are collaborating to build and design a show home that will be open in for two weeks this summer this summer.

The show home is meant to represent “what the ideal Hamptons summer home could be.” Features like an open concept layout, indoor-outdoor living, and modern barn-style design elements will be present in the 8,000-square-foot, three-level estate sitting south of the highway in Water Mill.

Kristen Farrell, the CEO of Farrell Home, wrote:

Out clients want effortless beauty. The Show Home represents the “best of the best” in design, build, and furnish. We are thrilled to offer Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams for Farrell Home in the Hamptons market. The long-standing synergy between our companies is unparalleled and allowing us to create this unique project together.

Located at 50 Lawrence Court, the home will be open for showings for two weeks starting July 26, and will then be available for sale. A representative told Curbed that they might keep the show home open for longer if it doesn’t immediately sell.

Check out some progress photos below.

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