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Open thread: What are you looking forward to most about spring in the Hamptons?

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Is it the longer nights or are you mostly excited to watch the Oscars?

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Though we haven’t quite reached the spring equinox—this year it’s on March 20—the weather is certainly starting to warm up on the East End and the worst of this season feels like it’s coming to a close. After a wet, rainy winter, we’re ready for some spring sunshine, warmer weather, and for the hydrangeas to make their return to Southampton’s Main Street.

What are you looking forward to most about the spring? Is it the warm weather and the return of the classic, green Hamptons landscape? Or are you more prepared for the bustle of vacationers to come out to the East End for the weekends?

Perhaps your favorite thing about spring has nothing to do with the weather or the greenery. This month we’ll watch the Oscars, celebrate International Women’s Day, and line up for the premiere of A Wrinkle in Time. Daylight Savings will extend our evenings, Saint Patrick’s Day will get us in a festive spirit, and March Madness will be the next biggest talk in sports.

Or, is spring just not your season? Maybe you don’t like how it’s so in-between and you’re really just looking forward to the summer season to start up again, and for beach weather to come back. Or, maybe you’re sad to see winter go. Whatever it is, tell us in the comments.