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Open thread: Tell us your Hamptons rental experience

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Either as a tenant or a landlord

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Even though the summer feels like it’s ages away—especially after we’ve had three nor’easter storms in the first two weeks of March—summer is rapidly approaching, which means the Hamptons rental season is in full swing.

With the rental season picking up and summer-goers picking out where they want to spend their time on the East End come Memorial Day, we want to ask our readers about their Hamptons rental experience.

If you’ve been a tenant in the Hamptons, what has your experience been like? How has the search process been for you? Do you always rent the same home do you like to change it up year by year? Do you go through listed ads in the paper or Craigslist, or do you like to find your rental home through a broker?

For landlords, what does the summer season bring for you? How is the process of trying to find a tenant? What are some secrets to navigating the rental season as a landlord?

Whatever the case may be, leave your experience and advice in the comments for those who are new to the Hamptons summer rental scene.

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