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Open thread: What’s the biggest difference between living west of the canal vs. east of the canal?

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Aerial view of Shinnecock Bay
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The geographic limits of the Hamptons have always been up for debate, but for the most part people are usually split between two main starting points.

When we cast a vote at the start of last summer, 36 percent of readers said that the Hamptons begins at Westhampton—and Snapchat’s geofilters seem to agree. But a close 32 percent of readers voted that you couldn’t say you were in the Hamptons until you were east of the Shinnecock Canal.

So, we want to ask our readers: What’s the biggest difference between living west of the canal and living east of the canal?

West-of-the-canal towns—including Westhampton, Quogue, East Quogue, and Hampton Bays—tend to be much more affordable in regard to real estate. Right now, the most expensive house for sale in Hampton Bays is a waterfront home on more than an acre of land asking under $5 million—which is a bargain for the East End.

Head east past the canal, and property value immediately skyrockets.

But what are the other major differences? How do our readers think that the towns’ characteristics vary on either side of the geographical border? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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