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Open thread: Show us your Hamptons house plants!

We want to see your greenest, leafiest indoor plants

If you follow Curbed sites and you’re interested in interiors and home design, there’s a good chance that you own some air-cleansing house plants to brighten up your home.

Love these hanging baskets

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In the winter when the outdoor plants have shed and the classic green Hamptons landscape has temporarily disappeared before the return of spring, we appreciate house plants that much more.

With the days getting slightly longer, the change of seasons is definitely on our minds and we’re getting ready to see some blossoming plants return to the East End. So we want to see your best, greenest, Hamptons house plants.

Do you have a pothos growing in your bathroom? A peace lily in your kitchen? Additionally, share some wisdom on your house plant experience. Have you found that certain plants don’t hold up well when we have less sunlight? Have you had any problems maintaining plants in one room of your home over another?

Shoot us an email at or tweet us @curbedhamptons, and we’ll feature our favorites next week.