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Two brokers weigh in on the challenges Hamptons home buyers face

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What do you think?

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Last week, Curbed asked readers to tell us their opinions on what the biggest challenge that Hamptons home buyers are currently facing in our market. Two real estate agents dropped us emails to tell us what they think.

Elizabeth Capozzoli of Douglas Elliman says:

Lack of inventory has led to a sellers’ market. That said, some buyers who make lowball offers on properties that are priced right are losing out on the homes that they want.

We asked Capozzoli how a buyer—especially an inexperienced or first-time buyer—should know that a property is priced right, to which she responded:

Buyers, whether first-time or experienced, need to trust the agent that they are working with to know the market. Their agent can show them comps to advise them if the home is priced right and whether they should make an offer at a full price or close to it.

Carol Nobbs of Douglas Elliman also weighed in, saying:

The biggest challenge is trying to predict where the economy is headed. Big questions revolve around what the stock market is doing, if and when it corrects, and what the tax plan means for buyers of luxury and second homes. Personally, I believe that the market is headed toward strength.

Turning it to our readers: What do you think? Do you agree? What other challenges do you think home buyers are facing on the East End?