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For $8.5M, a brand new modern farmhouse in Bridgehampton is yours

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It’s expected to be finished in the spring

Located at 119 Newlight Lane, a brand new modern farmhouse in south-of-the-highway Bridgehampton is on the market for $8,495,000. Since the house is still under construction—and is expected to be finished by the spring—right now, only the renderings are available.

Standing 8,510 square feet in size, the home will host seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms, plus a double-height living room and open floorplan, three gas fireplaces and one wood-burning outdoor fireplace, and a chef’s kitchen with glass retractable doors and windows.

Outside, the 1.38-acre property will include a pool, an outdoor kitchen, a pool house, and a sunken tennis court. The property is about 3 miles north of the ocean at Mecox Beach, and just under 2 miles from Main Street shops and restaurants.

In 2013, the property was purchased under a limited liability company for $4,225,000.

What do you think the home will look like when it’s finished? What do you think of the asking price? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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