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A tiny Sag Harbor village home quickly goes into contract

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It was only on the market for seven weeks before finding a buyer

Photos courtesy of Saunders

Curbed readers may remember that less than two months ago, we featured a Sag Harbor village home from 1970 that was on the market for $1,125,000. In just seven weeks, the home has found a buyer and a contract has been signed. During its time on the market, the price hasn’t changed.

In just 1,000 square feet, there are two bedrooms and one bathroom, plus an open floorplan on the first floor and recent updates to the kitchen and bathroom. The 0.15-acre property is tiny, but the listing does claim that there’s room for expansion and a pool. An accessory structure already exists outside for extra storage.

Located at 71 Franklin Avenue, the property is just a half-mile walk to Sag Harbor village shops and restaurants, and about the same distance to Haven’s Beach.

We want to hear from our readers: What do you think the new owner will be doing with the property? Do you think that they’ll tear it down and build a new home in its place? Or do you think they’ll spruce it up a bit more and leave it mostly as-is? Do you think they’ll add a pool out back or expand? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Romaine Gordon from Saunders Real Estate represents the listing.

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