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The ‘Butterfly’ house in Sagaponack is yours for $14.94M

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The empty land is also available for $8.4 million

Photos courtesy of Sotheby’s

Designed by the architects at Davinci Haus, a Sagaponack prefab called the Butterfly has just come on the market for $14.94 million.

The 12,430-square-foot will have seven bedrooms and seven and a half bathrooms. Davinci Haus claims on their website that they can build a house “oftentimes in as few as 32 weeks with an on-site assembly in as little as four days.”

Unfortunately there are no interior photos available on the Sotheby’s listing.

Located at 705 Hedges Lane, the property spans over 2 acres in south-of-the-highway Sagaponack, just over a mile from the ocean at Town Line Beach. The property with the Butterfly house is available for sale under Sotheby’s agent John Healey, but the empty land is also available for $8.4 million under Corcoran agent Linda Nasta.

If the property is worth around $8 million on its own, what do our readers think of the $14.94 million asking price with the included prefab house?

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