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Waterfront East Hampton compound on Georgica Pond finds a buyer

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The compound was asking $45M back in 2015, but more recently was listed for just under $30M

Photos courtesy of Compass

The 7-acre waterfront compound at 19 & 23 Chauncey Close in East Hampton has found a buyer, most recently listed for a combined $29,495,000 under Compass Real Estate agent, Lori Schiaffino.

The property was offered as single and separate lots, with the entire 7-acre compound once asking $45 million in the summer of 2015. That price eventually came down to under $30 million, with the main house at 19 Chauncey Close asking $19.5 million and the empty 3.6-acre adjacent parcel last listed for $9,995,000. The compound was once part of a historic working dairy farm, Cove Hollow Farm.

Standing 6,100 square feet, the shingled main house—built in 1994—has five bedrooms and five full bathrooms, views over Georgica Pond and out to the Atlantic Ocean, three fireplaces, a great room, hardwood floors, and wood beams inside the home that were once part of a 16th century English barn at Hever Castle in Kent, which was Anne Boleyn’s residence.

The two properties have a combined 880 feet of direct water frontage on Georgica Pond, a pool, and outdoor living space.

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