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Open thread: Do you think the North Fork will ever be as expensive as the Hamptons?

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Cutchogue, Long Island
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Recently, Out East ran some numbers and found that out of the 10 East End towns that had the largest annual increase in median asking price, four of those towns were on the North Fork.

Montauk was first on the list, with the median asking price of homes jumping by an incredible 50 percent change from $1.3 million to $1.95 million. But then right after that is Southold (43 percent change), Cutchogue and Nassau Point (36 percent), and East Marion (30.3 percent). Mattituck was further down at number 8 on the list, with a 21 percent change from 2017’s median.

Of course, the North Fork prices still aren’t nearly as high as their South Fork neighbors, but the rapid change got us thinking: Do you think the North and South Forks will ever be closer in price?

The Hamptons is known for its high asking prices, and it will always have something that the North Fork doesn't: the ocean. But even bayfront properties are significantly less expensive north of the Peconic. But do you think that could change?

What do our readers think? Tell us in the comments.

North Fork

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The Hamptons

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