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Own 20 acres of waterfront land on Shelter Island for $14.2M

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It’s the largest parcel of land currently available for sale on Shelter Island

The largest parcel currently available for sale on Shelter Island spans 20 acres—and it’s waterfront on West Neck Creek.

The compound is comprised of five separate parcels: 7, 9, and 11 Artist’s Lane, 8A Simpson Avenue, and 40 South Menantic Road. Each piece of land is available separately as well. The three Artist’s Lane properties are asking $8.7 million, and the two other adjacent properties (connected by a creek), are asking $5.5 million. So one could purchase all five empty parcels for $14.2 million.

In 1915, landscape painter Henry Cooke White purchased 50 acres of land on Shelter Island, and since then, five generations of the artistic family have been coming out to the area for over 100 years. When they first arrived at the waterfront land, there was no electricity and water had to be hand-pumped in, but these conveniences have been available to the properties since 1972, according to a Corcoran representative.

Corcoran Group agent Seth Madore represents each property. He told Curbed that the lots have large building envelopes, and that each property could have a structure standing between 10,000 and 15,000 square feet.