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Hamptons gets a surprise snow storm, 3 to 6 inches expected

Residents were only expecting one inch of snow

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Long Island got a surprise snow storm this morning—after expecting just one inch of snow accumulations at the most, residents are now anticipating between 3 and 6 inches of snow for Tuesday, January 30, reports News 12.

Nassau County residents will receive between 2 and 4 inches of snow. The worst of the storm will be east of Riverhead—the North and South Forks are expecting the highest accumulations.

There have been several accidents reported, mainly due to spin-outs and drivers not necessarily realizing how much snow is on the ground.

Most East End schools have gotten 2-hour delays, but please stay tuned on school delays and closings at News 12’s school closings report, which is consistently updated.

As always, residents are advised to stay safe in the weather, drive slowly, and keep food, water, and a flashlight in your vehicle just in case.